Volunteers from 292 cities gather in 2050

Dear 2050 Volunteers,

At 2050@2018 and 2050@2019, volunteers from more than 292 cities around the world got together to share their view on the future of our world and the grand challenges ahead in the way of young minds. Just like everyone of you, I am very much looking forward to the upcoming 2050@2020.

However, the global spreading of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been affected almost every one of us. On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that the COVID-19 constituted a global public health emergency. Throughout human history, we have never seen any pandemic that spreads so rapidly around the world and endangers our lives. This is the challenge faced by all humanity.

In the face of such a global pandemic, the preciousness of young people ’s responsibility for the future has become even more prominent. In the past year, over 700 volunteers from more than 60 cities around the world participated in the monthly meetups at 2050 camp for the preparation of 2050@2020 only. More than 300 of them chatted through the night at the camp. This is a sincere effort to make 2050@2020 a better time for young people to meet each other. Also, volunteers of the Migratory Bird Program have helped connect nearly 200 young people in more than 60 cities from six continents, striving to make young minds meet and create countless imaginations for the future.

Unfortunately, today’s pandemic has prevented 2050@2020 from proceeding on schedule. Instead, 2050@2020 will be merged with 2050@2021 into 2050@2020&2021 and will proceed in April 2021. This is a reality that I am very unwilling to believe but have to admit. Once the pandemic ends, we will inform all of you about the arrangement of the monthly meetups at 2050 camp.

Activities that have been registered on 2050.org website will be moved to 2050@2020&2021 by default. We have also contacted with all volunteers who have purchased 2050 PASS. I am very touched that all of them have chosen moving the registered PASS to 2050@2020&2021. THANK YOU! I greatly appreciate all the efforts from all the volunteers around every part of the world. Every tick of 2050 countdown started from the new year of 2019 urges us to come together again soon!

Young people are all different. They come from different parts of the world, speak different languages, embrace different technologies, and have different dreams. Young people are also the same. They are all like children who don’t have umbrellas but like to run in the rain.

I look forward to seeing you at 2050@2020&2021, and believe that there won’t be such a pandemic in the future that prevents us from meeting with each other!

Wang Jian
Founder, Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation; Founder, Alibaba Cloud
April 8th, 2020, Yunqi

On Jan 1st 2019, probably the longest countdown timer in seconds was setup on top of Yunqi. It counts down to year 2050.

2050 Countdown

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Volunteer, Youth, Tech and Reunion

Dear 2050 Volunteers,

This is an exhilarating time, not just because of the arrival of the internet or the possibility of colonizing Mars.

This is the youngest generation in history. 50% of the world’s population is under 30 years old. What could be more exciting?

Many, many years ago, I was working at the university after I had graduated from my PhD program. At that time, I had no particular feelings for young people in general.

Many years ago I was working in Microsoft Research Asia, several colleagues were elected into MIT Technology Review 35. I just passed the qualified age, and sudden had some feeling about "youth".

Several years ago, when I was founding Alibaba Cloud, I was working with a group of young people who held great passion for ACM/ICPC, most of them were only half of my age. The code of Apsara showed me that there would be no Alibaba Cloud without young people.

A few years ago, the cnblogs.com team came to Yunqi and I got a chance to observe the footprints of nearly a million youngsters on cnblogs. This allowed me to understand something that everyone already knows:the future belongs to the young.

I believe that chasing youth is the greatest dream of humanity, and chasing the younger generation is our confidence in the future.

This generation also faces the most challenges: urban development, epidemic diseases, environmental degradation, there are so many problems from yesterday that have been handed down to tomorrow. The world has no choice but to leave future challenges to young people. If you give the youngsters a chance, they would choose the Earth to make it a better place, than escaping to Mars to face the more challenging possibilities. For them, going to Mars is just a way to travel but not a way to evade.

Therefore, the 2050 Conference was created. It is a conference aimed at young people. It will allow young people to stand in the spotlight, talk about innovation, look towards the future and face the challenges with a young mind.

It will be a grand gathering of youth, a gathering of ACMers and cnblogs programmers, a gathering of MIT TR 35 and the Davos WEF’s Young Leaders and Global Shapers, a gathering for the next generation scientists from various fields of expertise.

Here, the young generation will show their responsibility to the world and their promise for the future.

Here, challenges will be closer to young people, letting the future they dream about become the world’s future.

For a long time, I have been thinking about bringing together the world’s most innovative young people to exchange ideas. When I discussed, this idea with many people who have different experiences and backgrounds, almost everyone showed their excitement and gave me great encouragement.

In 2018, a group of volunteers gather at Yunqi to kickoff the 2050 Conference as an enthusiastic response to the proposal by the Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation.

We have a shared vision - to make this gathering where the world’s youth embrace science and technology. 2050 Conference has for this reason become a shared volunteer project for all of us. And this makes 2050 even more welcoming and diverse. While we spare efforts to build a unique event, we are also making the Yunqi the place closest to the youth.

“Volunteership” is one of the most wonderful aspects of 2050 Conference. All contributors are defining “volunteership” in their own way. As a young person before, 2050 is my humble contribution to 50% of the world. I believe that anything I can do for this 50% is a contribution for 100% of the world’s population.

2050 represents our hopes and imagination for the future.

Young people are different. They come from different countries, speak different languages, embrace different technologies, and have different dreams.

But in other ways, young people are all the same. They are children who don’t have umbrellas and like to run in the rain.

At Yunqi, we’ll run in the rain together.

Wang Jian
Founder, Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation
Founder, Alibaba Cloud

January 23rd, 2018, Yunqi

He said he'll come that day, so that's why I am here
I say I will come that day, so that's why you are here
Oh what is in his eyes?
And what is in your eyes?
I see you stand there side by side, I feel just so happy :)
He~llo~Mr Sun
I'll see you in the morning at 7 am
He~llo~Mr Sun
Meet you where the cloud resides

- 2050 Theme Song "Reunion of a Bunch of We-Know-Nothing Youths"