A permanent space for 2050 at Niushanwu, Tonglu, Hangzhou.

1. Driving
Location: tonglu future industrial park (no. 26, niushanwu road, tonglu county) (there is parking lot in the camp)
2. Train
Arrive at tonglu station and take a taxi to the camp within 20min drive (12km). Or after arriving at "tonglu station", walk 800 meters to railway tonglu bus station, take bus no. 6 /K06, about 30min drive to fuchunjiang yiqiao bus station, and walk 500 meters to the camp.
3. Bus
Hangzhou south railway station, hangzhou passenger transport center and hangzhou west railway station arrive at tonglu passenger transport center by bus.
Take bus no. 10 to fuchunjiang yiqiao bus station and walk 500 meters to the camp.
Or take a taxi (3 km) directly from tonglu passenger transport center.
4. Shuttle
Shuttle schedules are announced before 2050 activities, usually in WeChat groups.