Let's have an eSports carnival

活动开始时间:04.24 10:00- 04.25 19:00

This is a carnival on the subject of electric competition

Cool efforts to create a new electric competition system with the core of electric sports vehicles,

Break the shackles of traditional electric competitions that are limited to venues.

To disseminate the concept of "unlimited electronic competition",

Let the electricity race come down the street,

Talk face to face with a wide range of enthusiasts,

Really "Eyesight Causes All Competitions"


About our Cooler Master Racing

On the 2050 scene, we'll bring cool Cooler Master racing cars.

The 12m cool body is transformed into a cool race box, fully automatic stretching stage design, ARGB lighting system surrounds the box, plus 10 top-level configured race hosts in the car, this race car can easily achieve the effect of mobile electric arena.

We will be staying for three days in the hope that all our friends participating in 2050 will feel the new experience of street race.