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  4月26日 19:30 露天影院  

Reel Rock – brings you four new nail-biting, hair-raising, and awe-inspiring stories of real rock climbers from around the world. Chris Sharma climbs cliffs solo over deep, churning ocean waters. Margo Hayes, at the age of 19, becomes the first female rock climber to complete a 5.15 route – the top of the difficulty scale. Brad Gobright, an up-and-coming climber, attempts reckless solo routes with a care-free attitude. Maureen Beck challenges herself while defying expectations others set for her and all adaptive climbers.







  4月27日 19:30 露天影院  

A film by Michael Brown starring Erik Weihenmayer.
The Weight of Water is the story of a blind man balancing his fear of drowning with his fear of remaining paralyzed in a prison of darkness. He kayaks the Grand Canyon with a cast of characters who each have a different take on how to approach the challenge of Lava Falls, the grandaddy rapid of them all.