Yunqi, Hangzhou


We are college students with entrepreneurial dream who are studying in Zhengzhou University. Last year, we applied for the entrepreneurial project of "cultural IP entrepreneurship". Based on my hometown Anhai, we established the "Anping businessman" studio for young people. In the past year, through investigating the cultural industry and carrying out entrepreneurial attempts related to culture, I began to think about young people's Entrepreneurship Based on local culture How to build an ecological and innovative college student community in aianhai to contribute to the coordinated development of cultural and tourism industry in ancient town I want to bring in the "Anhai culture" and "cultural industry innovation path" that I have come into contact with during this period of time to exchange and learn with you and gain new experience~

Questions for guests:

1. Have you noticed the cultural content of your hometown?

2. Do you pay attention to the cultural and creative stories in your hometown? Do you think their cultural propaganda can attract your attention?

3. If you are in this youth studio, what do you want to do and get?

4. Thoughts and suggestions on Anhai cultural industry

5. What kind of form will culture become in the future?


Who's sharing:

Lin Rongzong (founder of color printing and President of Anhai cultural and creative association)


Zheng Zhilong, who loves the local culture of his hometown and has deep feelings for the culture of his hometown, has created the characteristic IP of Anhai Town. He really integrates his feelings in Anhai and is willing to communicate with young people and start multi-dimensional thinking.

Weng wengshen (Secretary General of cultural and creative association)


I have a unique understanding of Jinjiang characteristic project lantern riddle, and the wisdom of thinking is revealed between the lines of the riddle. I have sorted out my own lantern riddle works and committed to the further innovation of traditional culture.

Rao Yangyang (founder of Zhengxiao Z school)


He has participated in a lot of entrepreneurship competitions and has his own entrepreneurship projects. As a young man with temperature and ideals, he has set up his own platform and projects. He is about to graduate and bravely faces the challenge of entrepreneurship. As he said, Zheng xiaoz is a group of serious, idealistic and responsible youth of Z era. The construction of talent community needs deeper research!

Zhou Rui (founder of cycling club)


The students who deeply study food chemistry technology hope to make systematic integrated sales and improvement innovation for the characteristic food of the ancient town based on the skills they have learned, and are committed to the cultural empowerment of food.

Gao Longhao


A person who will be asked for wechat every time he participates in an activity outside, who will host a dubbing meeting, who likes to take videos, and everyone thinks that he is an e-commerce student of media students, who also likes cultural tourism and storytelling

Xu Jintao (founder of Anping business studio)


Since high school, young people who love to toss about like bicycles and founded bicycle clubs. Look, now that he has started to study culture, what will he do in the future?