Yunqi, Hangzhou

Genetic science education: meet the animals

At the beginning of 2018, when I was working at BGI, I met Professor Fan Pengfei of Sun Yat-Sen University, and it was the first time I came into contact with the gibbon named by him, the “Skywalking Gibbon”. The name comes from the protagonist of Star Wars "Luke Skywalker". Among all primates, the monogamous species is rare, and the Skywalking Gibbon is one of them. Later, I participated in a project to "lead the red line" for the Skywalk Gibbon, and took a group of children from the field to the laboratory to complete an interesting scientific exploration.

The new crown epidemic has given everyone a new understanding of life science and genetic technology, but there is still a lack of cutting-edge tools and interesting concepts in the education link. Therefore, we have combined cutting-edge "gene technology" and interesting "nature education". On the one hand, we help many domestic wildlife conservation organizations to carry out in-depth explorations that are currently lacking, and on the other hand, we provide a full of attractive To explore the practical scenarios of the force.

Sun Hailu Shenzhen