Youth Reunion@2050


100 Youth Reunions will be arranged on the afternoon of April 26th.
Convener: Su, Xin (Su, Mu)

  • 博悟馆创作营团聚:2017年的夏天,一场为期3个月的创作营,上百名创作者不断涌入,才有了我们看到的博悟馆1.0,后来又有了百草园,后来又因此诞生了一门《如何设计一座“博悟馆”?》的课程(在中国美院)。2019年4月26日,《如何设计一座“博悟馆”?》的结课与2050的开幕不期而遇,每位参与的大三同学将把各自的设计作品带来2050,而博悟馆的历次创作营的新老创作者们,也会集结到2050团聚,畅想艺术与科技碰撞迸发的创造力。
  • ACMer Reunion:ACM国际大学生程序设计大赛堪称大学生编程界的奥林匹克,每年吸引来自100个国家3000所大学数万名学生参加。这些ACM的现役选手和退役选手们要在2050一起团聚。
  • 创二代团聚:上市公司80后二代在这里共同探讨遇到的问题,父辈企业如何传承,如何利用科技来帮助企业发展,科技和资本如何互相成就。
  • 2050摄影师团聚:喜爱摄影的年青人们来这里用手中的相机记录2050的精彩瞬间。
  • 全世界泗乡人的返乡团聚:因为科技,泗乡的水田中诞生了云栖小镇,云栖小镇又孕育了2050,年青人因科技而团聚。现在,跑到全世界的泗乡人,也想要回到家乡团聚一下,感受一下家乡的变化。
  • Migratory Birds Program Reunion: Young people who use technology to change their lives in remote areas will reunite at 2050.
  • Jingfen House Reunion: Matti, the founder of "Jingfen" comics, has a great spiritual resonance in China. Perhaps you are also a "spiritual Finnish". This may be the only reunion in 2050 that doesn't need to talk or swear.
  • Nordic Reunion: Technicians from Northern Europe bring their culture and interact with 2050.
  • Utech Reunion: They are committed to promoting a deep handshake between a group of social technology nerds and a group of science and technology geeks to jointly study the path and infrastructure that empowers human civilization. In the beauty of Bali, we also image the spirit of 2050 and the reaction of digital visitors from all over the world. They came to 2050 to share their findings and find more like-minded partners.

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