2050 InnoCamp@2019

2050 InnoCamp is a collection of 2050 Volunteers who decided to commit their own time into the grow of 2050. During Apr 26th-28th 2019, they might not be free to enjoy most 2050 fun activities, because they have their "works" to do. But if you see them in Yunqi Cloud Town, they would be most happy to see you! You coming to 2050 is the best reward to all 2050 Volunteers in 2050 InnoCamp!

Reunion Co-ordinator

Before the first 2050 Reunion, we never knew each other, one lived in Hangzhou, the other moves all over the place. During the founding 2050, we saw each other everyday but still didn't know each other, one worked on the entire backend of 2050, the other played around almost all interesting activities in 2050. After the founding 2050, we have become closest partners, together we co-create 2050@2019!

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