Collision between sustainable development and technology

China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI) is China’s first international non-profit platform specialised in promoting sustainable development finance. We endeavor to leverage capitals, knowledge and policies to support social innovation program that do well and do good. Centering on sustainable development, we specially focus on Green Agriculture, Intelligent Manufacturing, Inclusive Finance, Health Care, Quality Education and Green Energy. Thus at the Reunion Stage, we invite sustainable development practitioners and ecosystem builders to share their real experience in applying technology into SDG practice. Lightning talks are open to every participant. You will have 5 min to present your fantastic ideas in this topic or innovative solutions in tackling social issues. Can’t wait to see you in Hangzhou!

Reunion Co-ordinator

Wang Yijing,director of Business Unit of Social Value Investment Alliance (Shenzhen), Forbes 30U30 Elite in 2018.

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