Huayu Youth Award Reunion

Since 2013, more than 100 young Chinese artists from all over the world have been discovered and nominated for the Huayu Youth Award, which is held every December in Sanya, Hainan. Through the media of painting, sculpture, video, installation and performance, these shortlisted young artists convey their unique views on the world, history, technology, emotion and many other issues. The two winning artists selected each year will be supported to promote the latest artistic exploration.

When Dr. Wang Jian mentioned, "in 2050, young people will express their responsibility to the world and their commitment to the future in a youthful way. The future will only be nearer to us when the challenge is nearer to the young.” This view evokes the great resonance of Huayu Youth Award. We hope that in the reunion of 2050, the artists who have never met before, that will meet for the first time on a large scale. Through a series of speeches and art performance by artists and thinkers, the young people from the distant world meet and talk unexpectedly. They could also build a way of mutual learning and cooperation.

Reunion Co-ordinator

Founder of Art Sanya and Huayu Youth Award

Liu Tian, the volunteer of 2050. The director of Museum of Inspiration·Yunqi in Hangzhou. The initiator of Open Matter Institute. Ph.D and the researcher at China Academy of Art’s Institute of Contemporary Art and Social Thought, School of Inter-Media Art and the deputy director of the Center of Visual Culture Research. Curator. He researches into topics through curation, artistic creation, visual culture study, design and writing.

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