Huayu Youth Award Reunion

In the past six years, Huayu Youth Award have gathered more than 100 Chinese young artists from all over the world. HYA has become one of the most important Chinese contemporary art festivals in each December at Sanya. Artists convey their views on the world, history, family and many other aspects through installations, sculptures, paintings, performances, etc.

When Wang Jian mentioned, “Here, (2050), young people will express their commitment to the world and their commitment to the future in the way of the youngest. Here, the challenge is closer to the young, and the future of the young people must be the world’s The future." This view coincides with the Huayu Youth Award. We hope that through the platform of the 2050 Conference, the participants of the previous Huayu Youth Award scattered around the world will be able to reunite for the first time and also welcome anyone who is interest in contemporary art. Let young people's communication become the driving force of learning. Through a series of discussions, keynote speeches and artistic performances, we young could make a new power.

Party Host

Founder of Art Sanya and Huayu Youth Award


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