Space Aero Fantasy

When airplane designer, satellite maker and coding engineer sitting together, can you imagine what kind of chemical reaction would be happen. All the people gathering at 2050, because we have the same dream and targets. Here is free of constraints to discover the unknown. We motivate each others through science. Enter the world without boundaries, wide your eyes, allow your dream to lead you access achievement.


Reunion Co-ordinator

My name is Zhang Chi, graduate from Cranfield University. Joined in COMAC Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute (BASTRI) in 2011. Participating next generation regional aircraft demonstration program, CR929 demonstration, and now work as COMAC BASTRI Dream Office Manager, leading Linque B new tech civil aircraft demonstration program, and awarded Top 10 Young Talents in COMAC. I am also is private pilot, own Private Pilot License.

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