Experience Jiuwuwai

This reunion takes place in the form of an experience of interest. Leading by experts from all fields, there are 4 different sharing: One person to eat Round table Life writing Contact improvisation I hope that in this era of technology, we can not only feel the unique experience brought by a hobby, but also feel the timely switching of attention and help spark the innovation between different fields.


Lisa Pei,The founder of the Jiuwuwai. I has worked in Lenovo and H3C for many years in the IT industry engaged in marcom. Also served as the project manager of the Hangzhou Urban Data Brain Project.
After amateurs fell in love with non-fiction writing, I interviewed many ordinary people who were not mediocre. They saw both the wonderful aspects of science and technology and the richer life possibilities outside the technical field. Sharing and learning platform, serving the urban workers in the 30+&30-age age group, knowing interesting people and doing interesting things together with the quality of interest and socializing beyond work.

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