Cross-Straits Youths@2050

Led and organized by Jinjiang Youth Chamber of Commerce, excellent youth representatives from both sides of the Taiwan Straits, including student representatives, entrepreneurial youth representatives and entrepreneurs will get together in Hangzhou Yunqi town and will share opinions on the subject of "We are all dream chasers."

Reunion Co-ordinator

Li Zixing is the General Manager of Fujian Dry-Port Group Co. Ltd. , having profound experience in operation of the domestic dry port. He led his team to build Jinjiang dry port as the second biggest and the only international dry port of multimodal transportation in China, which includes five customs clearance platforms -international dry port, bonded logistics, international express, CBEC and international mail. He is now appointed as the sixth president of the board of Jinjiang Youth Chamber of Commerce, working for calling on young entrepreneurs in Jinjiang to make contributions to local economic growth. Because of his outstanding performance, he is entitled as the leader of Quanzhou e-commerce, the 2016 Quanzhou annual economist, the top-ten leader of 2017 CBEC and got 2017 Quanzhou Youth Five Four medal.

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