Food·Geek·Entrepreneur Reunion

This reunion is mainly attended by a group of Internet practitioners and a group of nutritionists to explore the possibilities of future food. Human food has gone through raw food to the cultivation, processing and cooking. The current diet has been going on for thousands of years. The current process of producing food is complicated, wastes and destroys a large amount of earth resources, and the food itself has too much uncertainty, which continues to cause harm to human health. With the continuous development of food technology, this small group of people has made many practical improvements to the future food.

The reunion site will include two themes. Primarily, based on the existing precise and controllable nutrients, we created a balanced nutrient solution that meets human health needs. Our solution, Ruffood, will be free for every in the reunion to give a try, with the hope of obtaining more feedback on evaluation experience in the form of reunion. Besides, we also aimed at exploring various combinations of individualized nutrition to meet the needs of different scenes. We firmly believe that the next generation of human food will evolve into two major directions: physical needs and spiritual needs. The former is only responsible for nutrition, which ought to be safe, healthy, fast and efficient at the same time. The latter is purely satisfying the sensory experience, which cause no burden on the body.

About Co-ordinator(s)/Speaker(s)

伯恩 Bo En

Ruffood founder, Borune, has 9 years of experience in program development, also the co-founder od LUPA, a university open source software alliance, and continued to promote open source operating systems such as Linux. After being plagued by eating, the super food 「Ruffood」, which contains the nutrients needed for multiple meals a day, was built based on the daily nutritional needs of the human body, and used himself as an experimental sample in four years for a continue test. Over the past three years, not only a group of niche food geeks have been gathered, Ruffood also severed many Internet entrepreneurs who are busy working in first-tier cities, 83% of them are male users, with a repurchase rate of 65% and a total of 3 million meals.