Co-ordinator Submit Contents

2050 brings youths together! You are on this page because you have attended 2050 or one of its meetups, or you have talked to some 2050 volunteers, now having some knowledge of "2050 co-ordinators how to"s. You are now planning to gather people you'd like to gather for next year's 2050 "unconference", and you are ready to GO ONLINE!

You will submit 2 parts of info: 1. Your personal info. 2. Your activity info. If you have already submitted your personal info, you can log in to proceed to part 2.

If you submitted your personal info before, you will find your login credentials in your mail, use that to login your coordinator account.

If you co-ordinated in reunions/forums/explorer space, then your personal info is probably registered already. You can enter your email submitted in 2019 to retrieve your password.

If you have not submitted your personal info before, please fill them in:

Register Personal Info

  • 中文名请填写完整的姓名汉字,如:张博。For non-Chinese names please fill in your first name in your native language.

  • 中文名请填写姓名的拼音拼写,如:Zhang Bo。For non-Chinese names please fill in your last name in your native language.

  • 个人介绍会在你的内容上线后公开可见。

  • Who introduced / interfaced you to 2050?

  • Write as many has you have. E.g. Hangzhou / Boston / Bali.

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If you find it difficult to come to Hangzhou, you can click here to learn about Migratory Bird Program.